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trish daviesHi, I Am Trish Davies, A Professional Speaker, Presenter, Trainer, Author & This Is How I Can Help You!

My name is Trish Davies, founder of Build Your AU… I am so excited that you are here on this page as this means you are seeking something different. You are looking to make some changes… positive changes that can impact the rest of your life!

I live in Australia… I am a mum, a real estate investment coach, an online business owner, a speaker, presenter, trainer, author, a video influencer and communicator.

The biggest gap in life is not realising your own potential, not realising that you have a story. A story that will inspire, motivate and move people to take action. You do not realise how powerful your own story is.

Once identified your story can help you in your communication to your team members, your employees, your staff, your clients and customers. Your story becomes embedded in your communication to others. Your story will move others to take action!

Build your AU will help YOU to identify your gifts and talents, helping you to see the value in your journey and then building your audience, building your authority and doing it with authenticity.

The inspiration behind this weekly webinar was a conversation I had with a lady that shared her story. That story… had only been shared with very few people in her life.

Through her hearing my story she felt compelled to share her story with me. She felt comfortable enough, for the first time in decades, to open up and share her experiences.

Build Your AU Defines Your Story

For the first time, she started to understand the power in her own story, just like the power in my story, which helped her to open up and share hers.

For all those decades she had hidden the story because she felt embarrassed, ashamed and hurt. She did not want to re-visit her past. by hiding her story, it does not have the opportunity to help others that have gone through similar experiences.

By sharing her story she gets to reveal what strengths it took to overcome the challenges and the adversities that happened as a result of her journey. She has the ability to meet others where they are at in their journey and to help lift them out of where they are.

This weekly webinar is providing a safe and comfortable place for you to share your journey and then to understand the value in that journey! The journey can become a story and that story then is embedded into your communications to whomever you want to influence.

The most powerful thing a person can do is communicating with someone and MOVE them into action. Your story gives others the ability to connect to others and build relationships like nothing else.

In a world of social media where we are connecting like nothing else we have done before. This is the time to craft and articulate and deliver our story. Share our experiences.

The big question I get is HOW? What is my story and how do I pull it together so it inspires and motivates others?

The FREE weekly webinar will help you to discover your story and structure it so that others will be moved to take ACTION!

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